Generations: the growers is a site specific performance piece, that was filmed on location and presented within the context of a three act contemporary opera.

Fine arts has evolved from an emphasis on mainly technical performance into social engagement, in which the arts build the participation, dialogue and expression of the community. So this will be a peek into a process in which audience members can see themselves in the work. They aren't just digesting the performance, they take part in it.

Generations consists of three distinct acts as it follows a single family and its legacy to (1) plant the foundation for the future (2) grow the crop to become sustainable and (3) harvest the fruit from previous generations.

Generations: the growers is the follows the second generation of the Krol family as two brothers, Daniel and David, struggle to find their personal identity outside of the shadow of their deceased patriacial leader.

The 17 minute film explores the themes of sacrifice and suffering that breathes life. As both the brothers struggle to find their voice while chasing the approval of their father's legacy, they each realize the value that wounds provide for real growth.

Special Thanks to White Oak Plantation, Drummond Press, Intuition Ale Works, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Jacksonville Historic Society and Bob Retherford.

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