Statue is an interactive - kinetic - video installation, where a single monitor rotates in a 360 degree circle allowing the viewers to view a virtual sculpture. Using a video tracking system, the monitor rotation is based upon the position of the audience. A 3D generated human figure of classic proportion is displayed on the screen and rotates proportionally with the monitor. The rendering of the human figure transforms between a solid opaque character and a transparent illustration of its anatomy. The concept beneath this work is the social ideal. The notion of socially directed body modification dates back thousands of years; the Greek "super-anatomical" sculptures helped to invent the ideal form, the 19th century development of moving pictures illustrated the behavior and movement of that form, but it wasn't until the technological development of "X-Rays" that the real notion of the body changed. Here the individual assumes they are in control of the movement of the techology, oddly it is the technology controlling and limiting the movement of the viewer, while a social collective is controlling them both.

Bill Hill