Pre-Programming exists as an interactive installation where the viewers/participants are taught to remap linguistical symbols into letters, words, and meanings. The installation consists of a physical apparatus and a virtual interactive interface. The physical apparatus is made of a steel construction and stands 3 feet tall. Each of the cryptic buttons correspond to a letter of the English alphabet. The interactive interface resembles the structure of a hangman game, where the user must select the appropriate letters before the figure is fully rendered in the gallows. The user actively consumes electronic technology while revealing the fabrication of electronically published information. By pressing buttons on the apparatus a corresponding letter is revealed on the projected interface. The user must decipher the keypad and decode the electronic information.

In order for anyone to understand this electronic information, they must first interpret what comes out the machine. The concept of "user-friendly" software implies the user will understand the information system. However, humans must first be trained, conditioned to understand things in a certain specific way before it makes any sense to talk about having information/ideas in the computer. Like in Pre-Programming, the user must learn the structure of the language/interface before they can ever begin to extract any purpose to the interaction.

Bill Hill