Cultured Pearl

Cultured Pearl is an interactive video that has a direct one to one relationship with the viewer. Using a video tracking camera mounted on the ceiling. The work tracks the users proximity to the video screen. As the user approaches the screen the figure treading water on the screen submerges. The closer the viewer comes to the screen the deeper the virtual figure descends.

Conversely, as the viewer moves away from the screen the virtual swimmer ascends to take another breath.

Conceptually this work examines the parallel structure of control placed on exploration. Whether it is the biological investigation of the human body or the human exploration of the natural world, both are limited by the constucts of the system. Using the methaphor of a Bow and Arrow, the more ones pulls inward, the further out they can thrust themselves. Here the audience is forcing the figure to submerge while at the same time they come closer to examine the details. Time slows to a stand still as the two are at the closest points.

Bill Hill