Nomadic Dominion

Nomadic Dominion is an projected immersive interactive environment, made with Macromedia Director, Apple's quicktimeVR technology, and incorporates 3D sound with SoundSaVR. The visual environment is a mixture of photo-based panoramas and computer generated environments and objects using Newtek's Lightwave 3D.Users wearing red/blue stereoglyph glasses navigate through a hyper-real simulated world using didgerdoos to guide them.

In Nomadic Dominion, I am focusing on the environment as a metaphor for the artificial dependency, which is inherent in our species. We tend to force external changes rather than internal. The land is modified. As soon as we put down roots and begin agriculture we start the process of modification. This environment is the predecessor of virtual reality. We don't follow food; we manufacture it. We edge our lawns, plant crops in rows, reroute rivers, and use pesticides, all to reshape the natural into the artificial.

Bill Hill

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