In examining the physical and social aspect of interation, this piece seeks to engage the audience through a direct and overt methodology. Simulatainously it seeks to look inside the aud both physically and emotionally with a direct reference to phsyicality and biology.

Belay consists of 21 hand holds attached to a wall that is 24 feet in height. Positioned at the top corner of the wall is an organically suspended sculpture with a video viewer. There is a direct reference to the human anatomy through the abstraction of the esophagus form and the video loop with resembles the view of an endoscope inserted down the throat.

Using mechnical spring contacts that compress with weight the piece tracks the users progress and rate of ascent which then sets the frame rate of the video once all holds have been used.

Conceptually this work examines the parallel structure of control placed on exploration. Whether it is the biological investigation of the human body or the human exploration of the natural world, both are limited by the constucts of the system.