"A naked television tube is suppended by metal wire inside an open framework composed of iron straps and two by fours. To see the image, the viewer is forced to lean over this frame into the upward facing monitor. What one sees is a video loop of frogs hopping about, odd murky images that make on imagine on is lookig into the bottom of a dirty aquarium. The effect is oddly distancing. We look at television monitors all the time. Here it is like looking into another world - as if we were higher beings invited to examine frogs populating th edges of a pond, like Plato describes human beings inhabiting the edges of the sea - the true world is beyond. Although Plato has little doubt about which world we inhabit, in Hill's work it is never quite clear. . . By asking us to look down on these odd images, Hill may also be inviting us to consider that the greater the digital clarity television provides, the murkier its message becomes."
Erich Freiberger, Ph.D.

Bill Hill